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Lead Article: Integrity and its Puzzles

By Jennifer Herdt, Ph.D., Gilbert L. Stark Professor of Christian Ethics, Yale Divinity School       [no_dropcaps type="normal" color="" font_family="" font_size="" line_height="" width="" font_weight="" font_style="" text_align="" border_color="" background_color="" margin="0"]P[/no_dropcaps]raising someone as a person of integrity is a sign of great respect. But why do we do so? And...

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New Book, Co-Edited by SMV Directors and Dr. Julia Annas

SMV Directors, Dr. Darcia Narvaez and Dr. Nancy Snow, recently co-edited a book on developing virtue with Dr. Julia Annas. The book is titled Developing the Virtues: Integrating Perspectives, and was published by Oxford University Press this month. [vc_separator type="transparent" position="left" color="" border_style="dashed" width="" thickness="" up=""...

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2016 SMV Conference Collage

2016 SMV Conference a Success!

On May 5-7, 2016, thirty-three researchers, including 20 research team members, 8 Core Project team members, and other visiting scholars, converged at The University of Notre Dame in South Bend, IN, for the 2016 Self, Motivation & Virtue Conference. Representatives from each SMV-funded research team...

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Performing Virtue

By Michael A. Zampelli, S.J., Ph.D.   As a university professor and as a Jesuit priest, I am privileged with many and varied opportunities to notice virtue “passing into holy souls.”  Whether it is a student trying to cultivate honesty and intellectual perseverance in the frenzy of...

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Why We Love Virtue

Dr. Blaine Fowers recently published an article on Psychology Today on "Why We Love Virtue." It begins: [vc_separator type="transparent" position="left" color="" border_style="dashed" width="" thickness="" up="" down=""] "I’ll bet you love virtue. You may or may not know you do, but it’s a good bet that you do. [vc_separator...

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Uncut Interview with Dr. Nancy Snow on Virtue and Wisdom

Director of the Institute, Dr. Nancy Snow, was recently interviewed for a documentary film entitled, "The Science of Wisdom," a project supported by the Wisdom Research initiative at The University of Chicago. [vc_separator type="transparent" position="left" color="" border_style="dashed" width="" thickness="" up="" down=""] In the interview, Dr. Snow discusses...

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