Moral Self Archive

Moral Self Archive

The Self, Motivation & Virtue Project maintains a Moral Self Archive — a repository of moral self research, freely available to scholars, students, and the general public. The archive contains research from SMV-funded projects as well as content contributed by other moral self researchers. We are expanding the archive with a variety of materials, including scholarly papers and book chapters, conference papers, news and blog articles, and various kinds of multimedia.

The archive is hosted on ShareOK, a central, open-source repository of research by members of Oklahoma Higher Education, and managed in coordination with the University of Oklahoma’s Repository Services.

How to Contribute

If you are a moral self researcher, please consider contributing your work to the archive. Acceptable submissions include conference papers, published articles, book chapters, presentation slides, news pieces (e.g. op-ed articles), etc.

Research can be submitted through the online form linked below.

For previously published submissions, you can request in the submission form that we contact the publisher to determine allowable posting formats. We will follow up with the author if further information is needed. If you have posting permission, you can upload that in the submission form.