New Book by Dr. Daniel Sullivan: “Cultural Existential Psychology”

Aug 09 2016

New Book by Dr. Daniel Sullivan: “Cultural Existential Psychology”

Dr. Daniel Sullivan, Assistant Professor of Psychology  at the University of Arizona, recently published a new monograph with Cambridge University Press titled, Cultural Existential Psychology: The Role of Culture in Suffering and Threat. Order now and get a 20% discount by entering the code at the bottom of the promotional flyer! Click the flyer to see the full-size version.

About the book (from the publisher’s website):

Cultural psychology and experimental existential psychology are two of the fastest-growing movements in social psychology. In this book, Daniel Sullivan combines both perspectives to present a groundbreaking analysis of culture’s role in shaping the psychology of threat experience. The first part of the book presents a new theoretical framework guided by three central principles: that humans are in a unique existential situation because we possess symbolic consciousness and culture; that culture provides psychological protection against threatening experiences, but also helps to create them; and that interdisciplinary methods are vital to understanding the link between culture and threat. In the second part of the book, Sullivan presents a novel program of research guided by these principles. Focusing on a case study of a traditionalist group of Mennonites in the midwestern United States, Sullivan examines the relationship between religion, community, guilt, anxiety, and the experience of natural disaster.

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Promotional flyer posted with permission from Dr. Daniel Sullivan.
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