Work-Life Balance: Luxury or Ethical Necessity?

Jun 10 2016

Work-Life Balance: Luxury or Ethical Necessity?

Dr. Bradford Cokelet recently published an article on Psychology Today entitled “Work-Life Balance: Luxury or Ethical Necessity?” It begins:

In the age of email and smart phones, work-life balance is hard to find. Workers are often expected to answer emails and work remotely on weekends and evenings (well, unless they live in France). The resulting long work hours leave Americans feeling overwhelmed and burned out.  In addition, many companies in the US are stingy with vacation and family leave, and many workers fail to take the vacations to which they are entitled.

Given these facts, workers can be expected to complain.  And why shouldn’t we? Lack of work-life balance undermines happiness and leads to burnout.  But is work-life balance a personal luxury, which we should negotiate to get?  Or an ethical necessity, which we may reasonably expect or demand?


Dr. Bradford Cokelet is Visiting Assistant Professor at the University of Kansas and co-PI of the SMV-funded project, “Virtues as Properly Motivated, Self-Integrated Traits.”

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