Travel Reimbursement Policies for Presenters

2016 SMV Conference

Travel Reimbursement Policies for Presenters

The Self, Motivation & Virtue (SMV) Project will provide travel expense reimbursements not to exceed $650.00 per domestic traveler and $1,400 per international traveler. This amount is intended to cover invited attendee round trip travel expenditures from their location of residence to the conference location. Expenditures will be covered on a reimbursement basis only and include items such as coach airfare (first-class airfares cannot be reimbursed), ground transportation, parking, baggage fees, and actual expenses for incidentals. If you are arriving from outside the U.S. and need to spend a night enroute, please contact Max Parish ( for approval prior to booking.

In accordance with the University of Oklahoma travel reimbursement policy, reimbursements for travel related expenditures can only be made for expenses documented with itemized receipts. Hard-copy receipts are preferred, although copies may be accepted. For purchases secured either online or with a travel agent, please submit a copy of both your travel itinerary and your receipt. For a complete list of the University of Oklahoma travel policies, please go to

If you are driving to the conference, University of Oklahoma policies allow reimbursement up to $0.54 per mile. Reimbursement for out-of-state travel is limited to the lesser amount of a coach class airfare versus the map mileage calculated at applicable mileage rate.

At the conference you will be provided a pre-addressed envelope containing an expense summary report. You must complete and sign the expense summary report and mail the form, along with all receipts, no later than May 31, 2016, to the following address:

Institute for the Study of Human Flourishing
c/o Max Parish
620 Parrington Oval, Room 208
Norman, OK 73019

(Posted 2/1/16)